Chakras Meditation Wellbeing

Healing Meditation

One of the simplest ways to integrate the mind body & spirit is by listening to a healing meditation.  Tracks which contain either a guided meditation or hypnosis (or both) can have a profound impact on healing.

What makes a Healing Meditation effective?

Our experience is made up of three (3) planes; physical, mental & spiritual: The physical plane contains our impulses, instincts and the basic drivers of human nature (ie. self preservation). The mental plane (non-physical) contains the beliefs and thoughts that ultimately drive our behaviours. The spiritual plane (non-physical) is our connection to the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe.

Each plane is intimately linked even if we are not consciously aware of it. Healing cd’s are able to target all three planes to facilitate healing on both a conscious and unconscious level.

When we are in an attentive and logical (Beta) state, which is most of our waking hours, our conscious mind is running the show. The conscious part of the mind is very deliberate and seeks to understand “why”. It likes to think logically, in a linear fashion, and is where our inner “self-talk” comes from. While the conscious mind seeks to understand problems, it reasons that if doesn’t understand something, it can make it “go away” or ignore it.

Imagine you are trying to stop smoking. Your conscious mind might tell you that it is hard to give up, you’ve tried so many times before & failed, you’ll put on weight, and so on. It may ignore the possibility of being able to give up smoking and support any self-sabotaging thoughts patterns you may have.

On the other hand, when we are in an Alpha state (deeply relaxed or daydreaming), Theta (dream) state or Delta (sleep) state, our unconscious mind can more readily accept information without the conscious mind interfering. Real change and healing is far more likely using this approach.

A healing cd facilitates the change from a Beta to a relaxed state, while also providing the unconscious mind with the necessary information to modify programmed and un-supportive thought patterns. The information offered in a healing cd also leads to greater conscious awareness. It can therefore support the logical decision making required to effect any necessary changes on a conscious level.

For the best results, use the same healing cd every evening before going to sleep for at least one week. Longer is even better!  As the unconscious mind operates 24/7, even if you fall asleep listening to a healing cd, you are still receiving the benefit of the information at all 3 levels – therefore integrating your mind, body & spirit.


My Chakra Harmony CD is a powerful guided meditation for balancing and cleansing your chakras to bring greater harmony to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  $10.00AUD (link provided within 24 hours of ordering).