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The word “angel” originates from the Greek word “angelos” which is a translation of the Hebrew word mal’akh, meaning “messenger”, or “messenger of God”; an intermediary between Heaven and Earth.

Angels have been described as “beings of light”, “God’s entourage” and “supernatural beings”.  It has been said that they are beings of energy existing in the vibration beyond human perception. 

Angels have appeared in many forms throughout history.  Beings and icons depicting wings have been found in ancient civilizations such as Assyria, Babylon and Egypt.  Angels appear to have been part of the human psyche since the earliest recordings in time.

When tracing angels throughout history, similar concepts have emerged in the different cultures and religions worldwide, and there have always been stories of their engagement and interaction with humans.  It is commonly believed that Angels are the first creation of God.

The views of today’s major religions regarding the role of angels include:

  • Judaism: help carry out God’s work and plans
  • Catholicism: attendants at God’s throne
  • Orthodox Christianity: workers and messengers of God
  • Protestant Christianity:  assistance to Jesus and the disciples
  • Hinduism:  devas and apsaras (spirits who inhabit higher astral planes)
  • Islam:  messengers and intermediaries from Allah
  • Mormonism:  people who have lived or will live on Earth at one point in time
  • Buddhism:  devas or celestial beings (enlightened beings)

In times of such great change on the Earth, more and more people are turning away from traditional religion and embracing their own relationship with the Universe, the Divine, The All, God, Allah (or whatever resonates with your personal belief).  It is commonly accepted nowadays that Angels are non-denominational, and when we pray or ask for help, it is said that it is they who carry the message from the Creator to us.  

Hierarchy of angels

It is commonly accepted that there are nine (9) orders of angelic or celestial beings, divided into three (3) groups or Choirs of three, each with different duties and honors.

The First Hierarchy (or Choir of Angels) are the highest order and serve as heavenly counselors.  It is said that these angelic beings are the closest to God.

Seraphim are said to be angelic beings who are of the highest order of the highest hierarchy.  They surround the throne of God and are often referred to as “the firey spirits” symbolizing fire.  They regulate the movement of the heavens and give off a light so intense that it is said that even Divine beings are unable to look upon them.

Cherubim are the guardians of light and stars.  They are said to be holders of the knowledge of God and “Spirits of Harmony”.  The Cherubim are often sent to Earth with great tasks (such as keeping celestial records and to bestow knowledge).

Thrones are companion angels to our planets, and serve as God’s chariot (often depicted as beings with wheels and having many glowing eyes).  They decide how God’s judgment will be manifested on Earth and support the Throne of God.

The Second Hierarchy of angels work as heavenly governors and strive to balance opposites such as good and bad.

Dominions receive their orders from the Seraphim and Cherubim.  These celestial beings are responsible for ensuring the cosmos remains in order.  They serve to integrate both the spiritual and physical worlds, however rarely makes themselves known. They also govern the activities of all lower angelic groups. 

Virtues bestow blessings on the material world by beaming out Divine energy.  They also preside over weather events and the movements of celestial bodies.

Powers are the bearers of all humanity’s consciousness, the keepers of our collective history.  They maintain the border between Heaven and Earth, protecting against demonic attack and ensuring souls leave & return safely to heaven.

The Third Hierarchy angels function as heavenly messengers and are closest to us here on Earth.  It is this group of angels who bring the messages, watch over and guide us.

Principalitieswatch over the mortal world first hand, protecting nations, cities and towns, religions and politicians.  They are responsible for divine acts within their area of jurisdiction.

Archangels are the guardians of people and all physical things.  It is these greater angels we can call upon for divine assistance.  There are 15 Archangels of note, each focusing on an area of specialty.  Each will be covered in more details later.

Angels are the closest to humanity and most concerned with human affairs.  They watch over households and souls, guiding in a subtle way.  Angels act as messengers of God to people, and to other ranking angels as well.  They are currently leading us into greater awareness of consciousness.

Angels are not our relatives who have passed over, although we can certainly feel the presence of those who have gone before us as they offer us support from their new vibrational perspective. 

There are many different kinds of angels with different functions, however the most common of these angels are our Guardian Angels and our Spirit Guides.  Every human being is said to have a minimum of 2 guardian angels with them for the whole of their life time.  Spirit guides are our deceased loved ones who passed before we came to the Earth, and stay with us from birth until we die.