How to make your vote count

For the upcoming 2022 Federal Election

Voting is one way we have to ensure our voice is heard, but do you know how our voting system works? Did you know that donkey votes or mistakes made on ballot papers automatically go to the preferred party – one that you might not be in alignment with?

Unfortunately, the Australian voting system can be quite complicated, and politics is not something taught in mainstream curriculum anymore. We have been led to believe that we essentially only have two parties in our political system, which is understandable when you see the results of previous elections.

On top of that, discussion on politics or political preferences has typically been a taboo subject within a population who is renowned for a “she’ll be right mate” attitude.  And just look where that has gotten us!

If you want your vote to count in the way you want it to, this is a great explanation on how our preferential voting system works:  Topher Field explains preferential voting

And another good visual explanation (copied from Morgan C Jonas Facebook page – intention is to show the voting system, not endorse a political preference):   How the preferential voting system works

Another tip – put the sitting member last.  Find details about your electorate here!

In addition, here are a range of simple resources for voting in Australia:  Voting Resources