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The Wiccan calendar is aligned to the annual cycles and seasons of the Earth as it travels around the sun. To that end, sabbat dates are opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres.

In Pagan tradition, ritual blessings & ceremonies were held on the eight sabbats; each with its own focus depending on the time of year.

The dates below are for the southern hemisphere (because that’s where I live):

Date RangeWiccan FestivalCelebration
1 – 2 FebruaryLammas
(Harvest Festival)
First loaves baked from grain harvested, time of balance & preparation for winter
19 – 22 MarchMabon
(Autumn Equinox)
Days are shorter, suns’ power waning, end of agriculture year, storage for winter, give thanks for blessings
30 April – 1 MaySamhain
Departed souls, solemn rite for the dead (remember those who left), summers end, veil between the realms is the thinnest
19 – 22 JuneYule
(Winter / Midwinter Solstice)
Simultaneous death / rebirth of sun (sun growing in strength), regeneration, celebrate conclusion of winter & onset of spring
31 July – 1 AugustImbolc
Return of light & life, awakening of the Earth, promise of spring, emphasis on light”, new life cycle
19 – 22 SeptemberOstara
(Spring / Vernal Equinox)
Real beginning of Spring and the agricultural season, light & dark are in perfect balance, Earth awakens from period of sleep
31 October – 1 NovemberBeltane
(Festival of Sacred Union)
Beginning / onset of summer, welcoming back the returning sun, celebrations of love & coming together, beginning of the planting season. Feasting & dancing around the maypole, not a day for seriousness.
19 – 22 DecemberLitha
(Summer / Midsummer Solstice)
A celebration of the Sun as it declines in power and the year change to a waning cycle, fairies & spirits are about