Moon Blessing 2021 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Moon Blessings E-Book outlines the 2021 moon phases, times & associated energies for the down-under

Packed with useful information about moon names (inc. indigenous), moon ceremony & much more!

$10.00 AUD  (emailed to your inbox within 24 hours)

Seven Chakras E-book

The Seven Chakras E-Book is a comprehensive guide containing detailed information for each chakra

Easy to understand with practical advice for balancing and healing your chakras

$10.00 AUD  (emailed to your inbox within 24 hours)

Chakra Healing Meditation

The Chakra Healing Meditation is an hour-long powerful guided meditation for balancing and cleansing your chakras

Bringing greater harmony to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level

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