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I have recently come across a gentleman by the name of Riccardo Bosi who, in a very articulate way describes how the Australian Government has sold out its people through years of mismanagement – ALL MAJOR PARTIES!

The link below is to an interview which I believe is a must watch for any Australian who wants to understand how we got into the current situation.

Riccardo (ex-military), explains how our government has betrayed us, piece by piece, over several generations. It is no longer about Liberal, Labour or Greens. It is about waking up to our current reality, educating yourself on the truth (this will not happen if you are still convinced the six o├žlock news is a source of truth), and taking informed and deliberate action.

What will you tell your children and grand-children you did when they tried to turn our lucky country into a totalitarian basket case?

Watch the full interview here or below.

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