Chakras Wellbeing

What are the Chakras?

The word “chakra” literally means spinning wheel or disc and has its origins in the ancient Indic language called the Sanskrit.  There are seven main chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of our head.  These form part of a subtle energy system and can best be described as the place where our body, mind & soul meet.  In the traditional Hindu system of belief, the chakras are said to accumulate, assimilate and transmit physical (body), psychological (mind) and spiritual (soul) energies.  Each of these seven energy centres is related to aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

The first three chakras (1-3) are connected to the physical plane, and therefore our physical body.  They are linked to the impulses, instincts and basic drivers of human nature.  It is in these first three chakras where we typically digest our emotional energy, just as we digest and expend food in our physical bodies.  The second two chakras (4 & 5) are connected to the mental plane and are therefore non-physical in nature.  They are linked to the beliefs and thoughts that ultimately drive our behaviours. The last two chakras (6 & 7) are connected to the spiritual plane and facilitate our alignment and connection to the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe.

7SoulSpiritual (non-physical)Connection to the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe
6SoulSpiritual (non-physical)
5MindMental (non-physical)The beliefs & thoughts that ultimately drive our behaviors
4MindMental (non-physical)
3BodyPhysicalThe impulses, instincts &  basic drivers of human nature



When chakras are balanced, energy flow is even and consistent.  The physical body is healthy and vibrant.  However, if the chakras are too open or too closed, the subtle energy body becomes disrupted.  If we have blockages, the chakra wheel spins too slowly, and the sluggish momentum prevents energy from flowing freely.  If the chakras are too open, the wheel is spinning rapidly resulting in an influx of energy into the body.   If chakras have been out of balance for some time it can manifest as disease and/or illness.

In effect, the chakras are a guidance system, letting us know if we are on the right track.  Even if our chakras are generally balanced, we may still face situations and experiences in our daily lives that cause imbalances from time to time.  In this way, the chakras provide a way for us to notice when things are not quite right within ourselves (physically, mentally and emotionally).  The degree to which we experience symptoms of unbalanced chakras can range from mild to extreme, and manifest in many different ways.

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